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Chapter 03 Page 40 (FINAL)

Comic #125

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Best way to end a chapter? Reveal a secret!

Uploaded by admin at 10:08 on 15 October



Posted 11:03
Mon 25 November
by psyguy

Hello my fellow Beetleheads! It is I! Beetleman!

Have I ever told you I’m terrible at delivering bad news because I am simply the worst.

The comic’s dead and there isn’t an artist to pick up the work again.


*sigh* Yes, the time has come to admit defeat. I am not one to throw in the towel! But when nothing can be done I feel a very strong responsibility to inform YOU, the fans, of what’s happening!

Pleh. Frob is super busy and, as shocking as it is, we don’t have a lot of readership. I know! I thought we had 10s of Thousands every day! But I guess my hit-checking gizmo was on the fritz because the real numbers seem only indicate a few hundred. Oh well, don’t be sad! That’s to be expected. Leading web scientists tell me web comics are kind of a dying art form anyway. That if you’re not an animated cartoon people don’t really bother. Or if you’re comic isn’t full of relationship trolls. Not sure what that one’s about! Maybe we need trolls. HMMMM.


ANYWAYS! I know all of you artists are ready and willing to pick up the slack! So who wants to sign up! You have to draw full-color comic pages and take orders from a very cranky old man! WHO’S FIRST! Anyone? Anyone? Hm the line seems to be dangerously low. And by low I mean non-existent. I mean why don’t people want to do hours and hours of work for something they didn’t create when they can just do all the work on their own stor-


ANYWAYS! HA! Awkward.

Thank you everyone for taking this journey with us. Don’t fret! I hear the writer is still doing chapters! So you can follow all the shenanigans on twitter and facebook. Just without pictures. EH HEH. Oh dear.
Bang, Space Cowboy. Or something like that.

- Beetleman out


Posted 10:27
Tue 15 October
by admin

That's Chapter three done and dusted. Enjoyed that? Hold on for more stories in the future!

- Admin -
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